A pleasure to discover: Salted Chiacchiere are the protagonists

Do not be fooled by the name, they are not carnival sweets.
They are the original and unmistakable Salted Chiacchiere of the Emiliano-Romagnola tradition. There are so many ways to enjoy them.

The right appetizer.

Amaze your friends. Make your appetizer more delicious and intriguing. The salted Chiacchiere exalts the pleasure of the best moments. Try them!

Chiacchiere in the kitchen.

Do you want to prepare a different salad for your guests? Add the salted Chiacchiere: the crispness, the friability of the Chiacchiere will intensify your ingredients and give a touch of originality.

Free your fantasy.

Have you used Salted Chiacchiere in your aperitif? In your soup? In a creative dish of your invention? We are curious and we want to know. Send us an email and your recipe will be published.

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Chiacchiere in company.

At home or at the bar, in front of a sunset or at the beach. A glass of sparkling or still wine, whether white or red, together with the Salted Chiacchiere, to spend nice moments with friends.

A delicious appetizer.

To guarantee success the chiacchiere can not miss out on the salami and cheese board.

It is never the usual soup.

Whether it is creamy, cereal or vegetables soup, do not forget to serve it with Salted Chiacchiere, an easy and fast way to make your soup more imaginative and creative.