A product of our region

Traditions that are handed down

To accompany best moments

A unique artisanal product of emiliano-romagnola ancient tradition

The "Chiacchiere" history

Our story begins in the 1960s when Walther and Leo Carmonini brothers, at that time distributors, acquired from a baker in Ferrara the precious original recipe of the traditional salted Chiacchiere.

Passion, tradition and artisanship

An Emiliano-Romagnolo tradition. It is in this land of culture, of food and wine traditions that the Carmonini brothers continue to keep alive the original recipe of the ancient product: the salted Chiacchiere.

A pleasure to discover

Do not be fooled by the name, they are not carnival sweets. They are the original and unmistakable Salted Chiacchiere of the Emiliano-Romagnola tradition. There are so many ways to enjoy them.
The Chiacchiere Salate at Enogà Sapori & Profumi on the Radio

The Chiacchiere Salate at Enogà Sapori & Profumi on the Radio

Rita Carmonini, one of the owners of Twists Products, was hosted in the broadcast "Enogà Sapori & Profumi alla Radio" on Radio Cose Belle. Every Thursday the transmission promotes and enhances the best of Italian agri-food, presenting every time a product of...